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This handbook seeks to inform the Irish language community about language rights and to facilitate a broader understanding of what can be expected from the state in relation to the provision of their language rights.
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A number of provisions have been made since 1998 for the Irish language and the Irish language community in various political agreements. We are still waiting for the implementation of those commitments.

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We have a vibrant, vocal and empowered community who have campaigned steadfastly for rights, recognition and respect for Irish. This display of grassroots activism has underpinned the success of our campaign.

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Language rights are human rights. We will no longer accept the denial of our rights. Gone are the days of treating us as second-class citizens. Now is the time to honour the commitments in relation to the Irish language. Acht Anois!

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We promote the demands of the Irish language community. We challenge inequality. We will continue to campaign for the full implementation of each commitment in regard to the Irish language. This is only the beginning.

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We stand with other groups who are marginalized and oppressed. We believe in rights for all, and recognise the importance and the need for fostering a rights-based society.

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We are An Dream Dearg. You are An Dream Dearg. Anyone who believes in rights, recognition and respect for all is An Dream Dearg. Take part!



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